In the long term, will technology make the job of the lawyer better and more interesting? Noah Waisberg certainly thinks it might. 
AI will augment rather diminish lawyers’ skills allowing them to project their skills through the technology to a much wider audience, he says, using a very personal example of how that might work. 
He thinks back to the three years when he was desperately trying to get the Kira software to work and trying to convince law firms that efficient, AI-driven contract review technology was something worth investing in.
“What I was spending 70, 80, 90% of my time doing was teaching our software to find new concepts within contracts. 
“And what I realised as I was doing that was that, some day, an associate would be working at 2am in the morning and it would be, like, there’s Noah sitting on my shoulder saying: ‘You should really look at that paragraph’,” he says.
“It meant that I took all the training that I’ve been given and embedded that into the software. And then it literally became true.” 
The system has been upgraded, others are now embedding their knowledge, often more specialist, and they are sitting alongside an associate somewhere helping them to identify, extract and analyse in a more efficient and more accurate way.


An interview with Noah Waisberg,
Co-Founder & CEO of Kira Systems, Author of “AI for Lawyers”