Guilherme Oliveira e Costa (Associado) escreve um artigo publicado no EU Law Live, intitulado: “The Court of Justice shields the concept of ‘undertaking’ and expands the Intel test to exclusivity clauses: Unilever Italia (C-680/20)”, no qual faz uma breve análise ao acórdão do Tribunal de Justiça da EU de 19.01.2023.

“(…) through this judgment the concept of ‘undertaking’ and the ‘single economic entity’ theory are protected, since they are not reinterpreted in a way that could interfere more significantly with the application of Article 101 TFEU. On the other hand, it is relevant for the purposes of an effective application of competition law to see the effects approach initiated by the Court in the Intel judgment being developed and extended to non-pricing abuses such as exclusivity clauses.”

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