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IFLR 1000

One of the best law firms in Portugal.


IFLR1000 Women Leaders is an elite ranking category reserved for the most prominent women lawyers across the world working in the areas of law IFLR1000 researches. This is an exclusive group of lawyers with outstanding reputations within their markets who either have expertise and experience of working on complex deals, or who have risen to hold leadership roles with their firms or their practices. For some individuals both these things are true.

  • Ana Luís de Sousa
    Practice area: Project Finance

  • Cláudia da Cruz Almeida
    Practice areas: Banking, Capital markets : Debt, Capital markets : Equity, M&A, Restructuring and insolvency

  • Filipa Cotta
    Practice area: Restructuring and insolvency

  • Paula Gomes Freire
    Practice area: Capital markets: Debt, Capital Markets: Equity, Capital markets: Sturctured finance and securitisation

  • Teresa Empis Falcão
    Practice area: Project development

  • Vanda Cascão
    Practice area: Project finance


  • Pedro Cassiano Santos | Market Leader

  • Hugo Moredo dos Santos | Highly Regarded 

  • Paula Gomes Freire | Highly Regarded
  • Cláudia da Cruz Almeida | Highly Regarded
  • Filipa Cotta Highly Regarded
  • Frederico Gonçalves Pereira Highly Regarded
  • Helena Vaz Pinto Highly Regarded
  • Jorge Bleck Highly Regarded
  • Teresa Pitôrra | Highly Regarded
  • Ana Luís de Sousa | Highly Regarded

  • Manuel Protásio | Highly Regarded

  • Paulo de Barros Baptista Highly Regarded

  • Vanda Cascão Highly Regarded
  • Rodrigo Esteves de Oliveira | Highly Regarded

  • Teresa Empis Falcão Highly Regarded
  • Cláudia da Cruz Almeida | Highly Regarded
  • Francisco Sá Carneiro | Highly Regarded
  • Helena Vaz Pinto Highly Regarded
  • João Afonso Fialho | Highly Regarded
  • João Vieira de Almeida | Highly Regarded

  • Jorge Bleck | Highly Regarded

  • José Miguel Oliveira | Highly Regarded

  • Maria Cunha Matos | Rising Star Partner

  • Paulo de Barros Baptista | Highly Regarded

  • Paulo Olavo Cunha | Highly Regarded

  • Paulo Trindade Costa | Highly Regarded
  • Maria Cunha Matos | Rising Star  Partner

  • Tiago Correia Moreira | Rising Star Partner
  • Cláudia Cruz Almeida | Highly Regarded
  • Francisco Sá Carneiro | Highly Regarded
  • José Pedro Fazenda Martins | Highly Regarded
  • Paula Gomes Freire | Highly Regarded
  • Paulo Olavo Cunha | Highly Regarded
  • Pedro Cassiano Santos | Market Leader

  • Cláudia da Cruz Almeida | Highly Regarded

  • Francisco Sá Carneiro |Highly Regarded

  • José Pedro Fazenda Martins Highly Regarded

  • Paula Gomes Freire Highly Regarded


  • Benedita Aires | Notable Practitioner

  • Cláudia da Cruz Almeida | Highly Regarded

  • Francisco Sá Carneiro |Highly Regarded

  • Hugo Moredo dos Santos | Highly Regarded
  • Pedro Simões Coelho | Highly Regarded


Banking and Finance:

  • Pedro Cassiano Santos | Market Leader
  • Tiago Correia Moreira | Rising Star Partner
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