A VdA foi reconhecida com a distinção GOLD, a mais elevada do ranking IAM Patents 1000, na área de Propriedade Intelectual. O Sócio Sénior António Magalhães Cardoso é distinguido na mesma categoria, e a Associada Coordenadora Sara Nazaré na categoria Silver.

Estes resultados foram divulgados na 9ª edição do ranking mundial IAM Patent 1000, guia internacional que identifica os profissionais de excelência em jurisdições estratégicas de todo o mundo.

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“When pharmaceutical companies are faced with make-or-break clashes and negotiations, they turn to VdA; for decades it has taken lead roles in a huge share of life sciences matters in Portugal and is “a reference in the area”. António de Magalhães Cardoso is the top name on the fight card. With his cultivated knowledge and practical seasoning, he ticks all the boxes for cutting-edge innovators. Also highly recommended is Sara Nazaré, an “extraordinarily good lawyer who is straight-talking and fair in negotiations. Already well-known, she is on her way to becoming one of the biggest names in the practice.” She has been working extensively with Bristol-Myers Squibb on enforcement, arbitration and licensing matters”.

IAM Patents 1000