Climate Change

The fight against climate change, the increasing need to adapt in the face of this phenomenon, and climate resilience shape key global and European policies, the most famous being the Paris Climate Agreement and the European Green Deal. Future carbon neutrality targets and the prospect of a European Climate Act force undertakings and many other stakeholders to rethink strategies, redefine operations, change processes and set increasingly ambitious targets compatible with the requirements of the new framework.

Undertakings are expected to take account of climate change in both their operations and their risk management policies if they do not wish to have trouble securing investments and loans or face an increased tax burden.  

Our Planning & Environmental Law team specializes in these issues and can help our clients with this inescapable journey towards environmental sustainability.


  • Review of legislative impact
  • Definition of climate neutrality policies
  • Assistance in bringing different economic sectors in line with the new targets
  • Adjustment of businesses to climate change and investment assessments 
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