VdA has established a new strategic partnership with the CCG/ZGDV Institute, of which it has become an associate member. CCG/ZGDV is a reference centre for applied research in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), specialising in the areas of computer graphics, ubiquitous computing, human-machine interaction and information engineering. This collaboration, which represents a significant step for the firm, will promote synergies between the legal and technological areas. VdA, recognised for its expertise in legal advice in the areas of technology, will contribute with its specialised legal experience to guide and support companies and entities seeking to innovate and grow in the sector, with a particular focus on companies in the northern region of the country.

For Fernando Resina da Silva, Partner in Charge of the Transactional IP area and Partner of the Communications, Data Protection & Technology area, this alliance reflects the firm's commitment to promoting innovation and finding new opportunities for collaboration in innovative projects.

"We believe that this association with the CCG/ZGDV Institute will bring beneficial results for both parties and will contribute to the development of the technology sector in Portugal, and especially in the northern region, where many technology-based industries are located".

The CCG/ZGDV Institute, with a mission centred on applied research, has dedicated its efforts to the ICT domains, seeking to contribute significantly to technological advancement in Portugal. The centre aims to boost the development of companies and entities, fostering the country's competitiveness and progress in the international context.