Manuel Protásio and Paulo Pinheiro, VdA partners, Rodrigo Esteves de Oliveira and Tiago Amorim, senior associates, were invited to organise a seminar about PPPs wherein the topic would be approached through various aspects of Public Law, including from the perspective of Administrative Litigation.

The seminar, the programme for which can be seen below, starts on 19th October and closes on 23rd November.

October 19 – PPPs in general. Public Perspective – Paulo Pinheiro
– The directive ‘resources’ – Tiago Amorim

October 26 – The PPPs in the new CCP – Rodrigo Esteves de Oliveira

November 9 – Financing PPPs – project finance Manuel Protásio

November 16 – A PPP Case Study – the new hospitals – Manuel Protásio and Paulo Pinheiro

November 23 – Simulation of litigation of PPPs – Tiago Amorim