A conference which debates financing programmes for 2014-2020

Next 8th of October, VdA will be hosting a conference dedicated to investment related matters, notably on the Horizon 2020 programme and on the recently approved Portugal 2020 programme.

The conference will be hosted by the senior partner Mário Esteves de Oliveira, as well as by the partners Fernando Resina da Silva, Margarida Couto, Paulo Pinheiro and Pedro Cassiano Santos, and the managing associate Catarina Pinto Correia. The morning session, dedicated to the Horizon 2020 programme, will be opened by the Head of the European Commission Representation in Portugal. The afternoon session, which will be opened by the Secretary of State for Regional Development, will be dedicated to the Portugal 2020 programme.

In a time where projects of private and public entities are of paramount importance to the country, funding mechanisms are vital powering instruments for a strong and sustainable economic recovery. This is precisely what will be discussed during the conference which intends to bring together, at VdA's auditorium, important players from different business sectors, to whom these programmes may be decisive to encourage implementation of projects that will revitalize the competitiveness of the market in different sectors of activity, combining the identification of financial instruments with the underlying legal aspects.