VdA endorsed The Porto Protocol as a founding member of this initiative designed to encourage and enable companies in reducing the impact of climate change and to step up for the global warming challenges.

The Porto Protocol was launched in the Climate Change Leadership Summit 2018 in Oporto, with the presence of Barack Obama.

According to Adrian Bridge, Taylor’s Port CEO and leader of The Porto Protocol, “together, we can discus concrete ideas, share real experiences and provide effective solutions which have been shown to work, on whatever scale.”.

It all started with the wine industry - which has been specially affected by the impacts of an increasingly unpredictable climate. However, the climate change impacts can only be minimized if everyone, in all industries, plays their part.

By subscribing the Letter of Principles, VdA reinforces the commitment towards sustainability matters, clarifying that “we are committed to making The Porto Protocol and its principles part of the strategy, culture and day-to-day operations of our company”.

The Porto Protocol is considered a long term project as all industries may benefit from knowledge sharing and from governmental and other institutional initiatives pertaining to combating the causes of climate change.