VdA figure au classement « TOP 50 Rising Stars » d’Iberian Lawyer, qui vise à mettre en avant les nouveaux talents de la péninsule ibérique dans le secteur juridique.

Les collaborateur séniors Lisa Ventura Lopes de la pratique Immobilier, Pedro Fontes, de la pratique Santé, et Tiago Rosado, de la pratique de Droit public, sont les avocats de VdA qui figurent dans ce top 50 de la péninsule ibérique.

Voir ici la liste complète.

Lisa Ventura Lopes | “Has a strong focus on the client, strong negotiation skills and deep market knowledge. She can combine different working methodologies and strategies to achieve the best results for the client, going the extra mile to secure their success.

Pedro Fontes | “One of the most inspiring lawyers of his generation. His commitment to developing the Life Sciences practice, in-depth legal knowledge and enthusiasm are impressive. He represents VdA in moot courts as a judge and is an internal ambassador of VdA’s Innovation hub (Forum Innovation). He also stands out for his business drive and ability to present innovative legal solutions for the most complex legal challenges.”

Tiago Rosado | “His innovative thinking on the search for solutions to complex legal problems. He presents innovative answers to the most challenging legal matters and for that reason, he was recognised as one of the most innovative
lawyers of his generation at VdA. Tiago is also praised for his technical know-how, management skills and creativity.”