Chen Chen contributes to the publication "A Treatise on Environmental Law", with a chapter about "Financial Law".

"A Treatise on Environmental Law" is the third volume in a series of publications that explore contemporary environmental law from different perspectives and areas.

This third volume, published in March, includes chapters on fundamental human rights, international investment, fisheries, public procurement, land ownership and urban planning, corporate governance, reporting, financing and consumer law.

In Chapter IX - "Financial Law", Chen Chen, co-authored with Joana Gama Gomes, introduces the topic by stating that " Following on the global objectives established in the Paris Agreement, as well as those enshrined in the European Green Deal, EU swiftly acknowledged that the financial system too has a key role to play in the fight against climate change and can be part of the solution towards a greener and more sustainable economy".

  • The publication is available for consultation here.