Nuno Ruiz talks to the Global Competition Review

Nuno Ruiz, partner at VdA talked to the Global Competition Review about two victories by the Portuguese Competition Authority (PCA) in Portuguese courts.

One case involved two pharmaceutical companies. Both companies were responsible for the marketing of hospital equipment and had been charged and convicted for vertical price fixing. They appealed of the decision by the PCA. But the Court of Appeal confirmed that both the PCA and the Lisbon Commercial Court had properly motivated their decision on the fines.

The other involved two cleaning companies and the issue was bid rigging. Not usual bid rigging but involving coordination between two companies, belonging to the same family. The companies were fined by the CA and appealed of the decision to the Lisbon Commercial Court which upheld the CA's decision.

Nuno Ruiz says: "The authority is in need of some public success, and these cases are both good news" writes the publication.