Paula Gomes Freire  was the protagonist of the debut of Jornal Económico's new editorial segment, Advisory Portugal, which aims to provide in-depth coverage of business law, consultancy, auditing, and investment banking in Portugal. In this interview, VdA's managing partner shared valuable insights into the current and outlook for these sectors in Portugal.

Among the topics discussed, market perspectives were highlighted, with the lawyer sharing an optimistic view of emerging opportunities in the national scenario.

Paula Gomes Freire also analysed specific areas with greater growth potential, identifying sectors that stand out for their dynamics and adaptability to global economic changes. In addition, she dedicated part of the interview to examining the prospects for the Portuguese transactional market, providing a detailed analysis of emerging trends in the financial sector.

One of the highlights of the conversation was the discussion on multidisciplinarity in law firms. Paula Gomes Freire said: "The first thing I think it's important to tell you is that VdA is and intends to remain a law firm. It is not in our plans to become a multidisciplinary firm. We understand that our differentiation is the value we add to our clients. This is our identity, our nature as a firm, as lawyers. There is enormous added value here. There is a magic here in a partnership made up of lawyers who have the ability to deliver a quality service and give their all for the client."

Read the full interview here.