On March 18th and 20th, VdA and VdA Academia, in partnership with ELSA University of Lisbon, are promoting the Advanced Course in Banking and Finance Law, which will take place from 4pm to 8pm at the António de Magalhães Cardoso Auditorium.

The course will be conducted by Assunção Cristas, João Riscado Rapoula, José Pedro Fazenda Martins, Pedro Cassiano Santos, Carlos Couto, Francisca César Machado, Sara Santos Dias, Chen Chen, Diogo Bordeira Neves, João Ramalho Dias, José Melo Ribeiro, Júlio Venâncio, Patrícia Nunes Mesquita and Rita Pereira de Abreu.

The aim of this course is to provide a legislative and regulatory framework for the main banking and financial activities, in particular national and international supervision models, the relevance of ESG and tax issues and the functioning of the capital markets.

Around 115 students are taking part in this initiative, from different study cycles and from several law faculties across the country.