Vieira de Almeida (VdA) introduces a new "Digital Union" initiative in partnership with APDC. ‘Union', because it aims to ‘unite’ APDC’s digital business know-how and VdA’s unique mastery of the sector’s many legal complexities, and topics that come together in a single cycle to raise awareness of European Digital policies. The name 'union' also calls to the business union between companies that, although competitors, are united to be part of a leading Digital Europe, which is one of the purposes of both VdA and APDC. Our 'Digital Union' initiative will promote debate on several Digital issues throughout 2021:

  • Connectivity – July
  • European Digital Sovereignty & Cybersecurity – September
  • New work models – October
  • Data Economy – November

Each topic will be first addressed in easy-to-understand materials prepared and published by us, on what will change or be affected in the lives of citizens and businesses, including some of the regulatory measures/standards/legislation planned at European level.  A debate between experts and open to participation (digital or face-to-face, depending on the evolution of the pandemic) will then be held, where you will be able to ask the expert panel questions.


Connectivity is key to modern societies and the main ingredient for economic success. Not only did the COVID-19 pandemic give us a sharp reminder of this reality, it also showed us that there are still asymmetries in the access and use of electronic communication networks and digital tools. The Portuguese Charter for Human Rights in the Digital Age was approved on the same day we celebrate the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, May 17th, and connectivity took center stage as a factor for the promotion of human rights, as a catalyst for competition and innovation, and as an assurance of greater social inclusion.

The current context is propitious to discuss the importance and merits of connectivity – the bill transposing the European Electronic Communications Code is being discussed in the Portuguese Parliament, covering such different aspects as tie-in periods, the development of very high capacity networks, the imposition of new regulatory obligations and the role of the Universal Service for the coming years. At the same time, a social internet tariff will soon be implemented, which will enable the massification of economically vulnerable users’ access to broadband services, and there is an intention to provide public funding for the installation of new fiber optic networks in more remote areas. We cannot forget that the 5G auction is still underway, which will introduce a technology with unprecedented transformational capacity in the country.

All the more reason to choose connectivity as the first topic of our ‘Digital Union' cycle. Materials will be published at the beginning of July and the connectivity webinar will be held on 14 July.


  • The Webinar will be held online in Portuguese.
  • Follow our Showcase in LinkedIn
  • VdA has devised a user friendly version of the European Electronic Communications Code ("EECC"), see the document here (content avilable only in Portuguese).