The 4th session of the 'Digital Union' cycle will be held online, in partnership with APDC, on January 12, between 9:30 am and 11:00 am, to reflect on the opportunities of the data economy, the rules being defined by the EU and their impact on the national market.

The aim of the fourth session is to address the main topics of the digital. You’ll find out what is being done about the volume of data production being doubled every 18 months, and the estimation that, by 2025, the European data economy will reach a value of more than 829 billion euros.

Brussels wants a position in the global data battle, dominated by the big tech, by prioritizing the creation of a single data market. Considering that most of the potential of data remains undone – it is estimated that only 10% of the created data will be used – and that the EU has all the conditions to become a leader in the new data economy, in terms of skills, such as technologies and industrial and a business basis, the European Commission claims to have a clear strategy. Thus, the necessary regulatory framework, in areas such as governance, access and reuse of data in the community space, which is currently under discussion.

Grasping the opportunity of data to innovate and grow in all areas of economy and the society is the main goal, which also involves the development of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, advanced infrastructure and qualification for digital. But how to create this single market practically, by extracting the full potential of data? How to guarantee fair conditions? Are companies open to sharing their data? What is the best way to overcome imbalances between member states? How to manage matters such as the GDPR, privacy, transparency and fundamental rights?

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The Webinar will be held online in Portuguese.