Tiago Marreiros Moreira talks to Qualidade magazine, a supplement of Sol newspaper

"When you venture into a new foreign market, there are a number of specifc aspects that may appear as a surprise. To be able to count on the international experience and know how of your legal advisor in order to better deal with certain local rules and procedures is a valuable asset." Tiago Marreiros Moreira is Vieira de Almeida & Associados (VdA)'s partner responsible for VdAtlas, the firm's international platform. In such capacity Marreiros Moreira talked to Qualidade magazine, Sol newspaper's supplement about the legal support VdA's team offers to its clients in their expansion abroad. The article is published with the newspaper's 6th October edition and it refers to VdA's partnerships in Angola and Mozambique, as well as to its best friends relation with one of the largest and most traditional firms in Latin America - Pinheiro neto Advogados, while it still mentions VdA's business in India and the USA.