VdA is the first Portugal-based law firm to join the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC)

VdA is among 60 other organizations, including industries such as software, law firms and universities. With a strong focus on Innovation and track record on (DLT) Blockchain, it is an important step to VdA to be part of this huge GLBC consortium as business law firm.

Working on blockchain through the GLBC means to be in the front of this new technology and a recognition of the work developed in the past recent years, in which VdA has been working on, such as the disruptive issues as DLT, AI, IoT, robotics, among others, contributing with its innovative legal vision to the work of the GLBC. Blockchain is a disruptive technology with many legal impacts, including for law firms themselves. Having the chance to collaborate with the remainder members of the GLBC will allow us to add value to the service we offer to our customers and will further contribute to the development of legal and regulatory guidelines for blockchain, including when it comes to security, privacy, liability, IP and enforceability.

Pierson Grider, Global Organizer of the GLBC, stated, "We are excited to have Vieira de Almeida law firm participate in the GLBC. Their involvement will be a great resource for the GLBC and its members. Collaboration from all around the world is essential to understand and develop blockchain solutions for the legal industry."