Article written by Conceição Gamito and Teresa Teixeira Mota in Taxas e Contribuições Sectoriais, Católica Tax publication

Conceição Gamito and Teresa Teixeira Mota are the authors of an article on "The Utilities Sector and the Civil Protection Charges" published in the Taxas e Contribuições Sectoriais Review (Sectorial Charges and Contributions), a project promoted by Católica Tax, under the coordination of Professor Sérgio Vasques and published by Almedina.

The book is a collection of papers on sectorial charges and contributions, which are being profusely charged at present, overburdening various sectors of the national economy and triggering a strong increase in litigation among economic agents before the Tax Courts, the Constitutional Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Combining a relevant experience in advising on a wide range of charges and contributions to a deep knowledge of the sectors and activities burdened by these charges and contributions, VdA was invited to contribute to this publication that gathers articles by experts on charges and contributions not only from various law firms, but also from the consulting, academic and business world. Written by Conceição Gamito and Teresa Teixeira Mota, managing associate and junior associate at VdA's Tax Practice, the article approaches the civil protection charges on the utilities sector.