A pioneering post-graduation joins together Deloitte, ISEG and VdAcademia to offer an innovative specialized course in "Management for Professional Services Firms".

"'High flyers', or those experts that stand out in all areas of Professional Services, namely Consultancy, Medicine, Law, Architecture, Engineering, Management or Marketing end up reaching or aiming to reach leadership posts in their areas and, when that happens, feel the need to assure the best management practices of their resources. It is for those experts that we created this post graduation course", say Susana Almeida Lopes and Paulo Lopes Henriques, course coordinators. Joining together deep academic knowledge with the input from some of the most experienced managers of professional services in the country, this course will offer state-of-the-art management tools. Resulting from a partnership between ISEG, Deloitte and VdAcademia the course will therefore be counting with the input from VdA, the only Portuguese Law firm to have won the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers award for Most Innovative Law Firm in continental Europe and whose managing partner was the only Professional Services Firm manager to be among EXAME's magazine's 25 best executives of 2014.

Among the lecturers are Vítor Gonçalves, PhD and member of the General Council and Supervisory of EDP; Paulo Lopes Henriques, responsible for the MA in Business Science; João Messias Gomes, partner at Deloitte; Paulo Pinheiro, partner at VdA and responsible for the firm's innovation programme which was awarded by the Financial Times; Susana Almeida Lopes, Head of Corporate Services at VdA, who was nominated for the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers award for most innovative personality of the year 2014 and Rodrigo Esteves de Oliveira, partner at VdA and VdAcademia's president, whose 5Days MBA was nominated for The Lawyer awards in 'Excellence in Training'.
This post-graduation will be further counting with the input from Chris Scoble, graduate from Cambridge University and lecturer in Negotiation Skills as well as Jim Summers, PhD and lecturer in Organizational Behaviour at University of Iowa.