Magda Cocco gave an interview to Exame Informática as part of VdA's participation in the Centre for Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI), a consortium led by Unbabel that aims to develop ethically responsible AI products.

According to Magda Cocco, the invitation to VdA to join the Centre for Responsible AI is a follow-up of the work carried out in collaboration with the European Space Agency and the launch of the "WhatNext.Law research centre, where the topic for the last three years has been "The Cities of the Future". All this has been done in easy-to-understand language. Following our commitment, Unbabel and the other companies in the consortium thought it made sense to join."

It is from this starting point that VdA's responsibility in this consortium is to investigate "how to apply the legal framework to AI products and services, creating innovative solutions from a legal point of view. We work together with the consortium, in a space of great collaboration and a meeting of languages," says Magda Cocco.

When asked about Portugal's role in implementing AI, Magda Cocco explains that "Portugal is a small country, but we have a great capacity for innovation. From the consortium's point of view, there is this ambition for this to be the embryo of something that will put Portugal on the AI map."

In addition, Magda adds that "we have very innovative companies in the country and the idea is to leverage these companies so that Portugal can play an important role".

This growth is inherent in the development of regulations applied to the use of AI, which Magda Cocco clarifies: "What the regulation seeks to impose is care throughout the entire cycle, from the database used to create the algorithm to placing it on the market. We can draw parallels with medicines and the regulation carried out by Infarmed."

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