On 18th December VdA hosts another Information Morning in its auditorium, this time dedicated to the theme of Privacy. Questions of privacy are very much a hot topic currently, following on from the recent privacy scandals that occurred in the electronic communications sector, which had a devastating effect on clients of the companies involved. At the same time, the proposals to alter the e-privacy directive, the implementation of the Retention Directive and the convergence of both services and platforms are imposing profound change on how privacy and security are managed by electronic communication operators.

Taking all of this into account, what are the new challenges facing the operators? What are the best practices that have to be adhered to and how can they maintain the confidence of their clients in highly sensitive matters such as privacy?

These questions, amongst others, will be covered by the speakers Margarida Couto, Magda Cocco and Inês Antas de Barros, partners and lawyer respectively in the Privacy area of VdA. The Information Morning will also feature a guest speaker from Telecom Italia.