On February 28th and 29th, VdA is attending several initiatives dedicated to the debate on Artificial Intelligence in Porto.

February 28th:

- "Artificial Intelligence Regulation": from 09h15 to 11h00 in the Sonae Auditorium at Porto Business School.

This session, organised by VdA and the Portuguese Association of Management and Industrial Engineering (APGEI), takes place within the scope of the recently approved Artificial Intelligence Regulation.  This regulation represents an important milestone in protecting fundamental rights, promoting democracy, strengthening the rule of law and guaranteeing environmental sustainability in the context of the development and use of artificial intelligence. At the same time, it aims to boost innovation and position Europe as a leader in the field of AI.

Among the speakers will be João Velez de Lima, Magda Cocco, Iakovina Kindylidi and João de Araújo Ferraz.

  •  The programme is available here.

- "Smart Contracts, Smart Legal Contracts and Contract Law": at 5.30pm at the Portuguese Catholic University.

Iakovina Kindylidi and João de Araújo Ferraz are speakers at the session on "Smart Contracts, Smart Legal Contracts and Contract Law", which takes place as part of the "LegalTech: Blockchain and Web3" course organised by the Students' Association of the Faculty of Law of the Portuguese Catholic University in partnership with Antas da Cunha Ecija.

February 29th:

- "Artificial Intelligence Regulation": at 12h in the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto (UPTEC).

Tiago Correia Moreira, Iakovina Kindylidi and João de Araújo Ferraz will be speaking at this session organised by UPTEC in partnership with VdA and Produtech. During the session, topics such as the main concepts and life cycle of AI, the strategic approach to AI and the Fintech case study will be covered.

  • The programme is available here.