António Andrade (partner), Marta Alves Vieira, Patrícia Paias (managing associates) and Sara Nazaré (senior associate) in the Intellectual Property practice, participate in the annual ECTA congress in Budapest, Hungary, from June 28 to July 1, 2017.

António Andrade, as a member of the ECTA Copyright Committee, participates with a presentation on the topic "Overlaps Copyright - Soft IP rights".

This year and for the first time, Marta Alves Vieira, Patrícia Paias and Sara Nazaré, also join the conference and integrate other working committees of ECTA. The representation of the Intellectual Property team in ECTA is a strategic bet for the future.

ECTA is one of the main international IP organizations worldwide and its annual congress is one of the most important events on the international IP agenda, with hundreds of IP experts from around the world as well as representatives of the major official entities (Such as WIPO and EUIPO) and industry representatives.

VdA continues to ensure its representation - and this year even more broadly - at the events of the most important international IP organizations worldwide, consolidating their reputation.