Assunção Cristas joins VdA as head of the Environment Practice Area and the ESG Integrated Services Platform.

As Of Counsel, Assunção Cristas will lead a cross-functional team and provide expert advice in connection with the Environment, while shoring up our legal services’ supply across multiple sectors and strong growth and transformation fields, such as the sea. 

She will also be responsible for coordinating our ESG Integrated Services Platform, set up to support clients in connection with this complex issue and the increasing regulations to which it is subject, on specialized terms and focused on the effective potential for value creation. 

The incorporation of ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance – metrics is key for long-term competitiveness, and the concerns underlying such metrics have become a priority for the economic and social development of the coming decades, with cross-cutting reflection in the strategies of the European Union and the public policies of its member states. To João Vieira de Almeida, VdA’s Managing Partner, “Having Assunção Cristas on the team is a tremendous source of pride and motivation for us, because it means a structuring investment in the future, in areas that are critical for our clients. VdA is committed to achieving the objectives set out in our Visão 21 25 strategic plan and this step is key to the process. Assunção Cristas brings unique skills and experience to VdA, she shares the same values and long-term vision, and I have no doubt that her integration will be hugely successful.”.

As for Assunção Cristas, “As VdA has a clear focus on the priority of the commitment to sustainability, and an innovative positioning, a critical factor to support transformation in this area, there is a clear identification with the firm's values and vision. Embracing this area, which is so important to build a more sustainable present and future, is a huge challenge that I am very excited about. Joining the VdA team at a time when the regulatory context is undergoing profound transformation is especially interesting and I am very honored.".