Catarina Pinto Correia is a guest speaker at the 4th edition of the annual Congress on sustainability in the value chain - the In Sustentável.

This Congress brings together a group of speakers from the sustainability sector to present and debate the implementation of ESG measures in different organisations.

The programme of the event is divided into the themes "Valuing Natural Capital", "Circularity with Value", "Energy", "Communicating Sustainability" and "People", each of these themes is composed by different discussion panels.

Catarina Pinto Correia will be speaking on "Green Claims and the Digital Passport: what's going to change?", in which she will present the Green Claims directive, which aims to regulate the substantiation and communication of explicit environmental claims.

In an interview with Revista Sustentável, Catarina Pinto Correia explained that "this proposal for a directive on the substantiation and communication of environmental claims, commonly known as Green Claims, was proposed by the European Commission in March 2023 and is now awaiting adoption by the European Parliament and Council. The main aim of this directive is to combat and, even more so, prevent the problem of green washing and the unreliability of environmental labels and, therefore, its main objectives are to increase the level of environmental protection, contribute to speeding up the ecological transition, protect consumers and companies against green washing (...) and, therefore, put consumers at the forefront of contributing to this ecological transition by making informed purchasing decisions based on environmental claims and labels that are more credible and thus also improve legal certainty."

During her speech at In Sustentável, Catarina Pinto Correia will address this issue, answering the questions: "What will change in sustainability communication?", "What impact will this directive have on brands?", "Could certification be the most viable solution?", "Are brands prepared to guarantee repair?", "What will be the future impact of the ban on destroying unsold products?".

The In Sustentável Congress takes place on 14 May at the NOVA School of Business and Economics in Carcavelos.

  • More information about In Sustentável Conference here.