Magda Cocco (Partner) co-manages for the third consecutive year, the Law & Technology Course, integrated in the master’s in Law & Technology, promoted by NOVA School of Law.

 During the second semester of 2021, Magda Cocco, Ricardo Bordalo Junqueiro, Tiago Bessa (Partner), Inês Antas de Barros (Managing Associate), Helena Correia Mendonça (Principal Consultant), Teresa Teixeira Mota (Senior Associate), Iakovina Kindylidi (International Adviser) and Tiago Sérgio Cabral (Associate), together with professors of NOVA School of Law and external specialists in business and technology, will be teaching in the Law and Technology course of the Master.

This course follows a multidisciplinary approach aiming to provide to the students a practical understanding of the manifold emerging technologies, such as AI and blockchain, as well as the legal and regulatory challenges that arise from their application.

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