Tiago Sérgio Cabral

Tiago Sérgio Cabral joined VdA in 2018. He is an Associate at the Information, Communication & Technology area of practice where he has been involved in several transactions.

Winner, along with Rita de Sousa Costa, of the Professor Paulo de Pitta e Cunha Award (2017), established by the European Institute of the University of Lisbon School of Law with the support of the European Commission.

Congratulation Vote granted by the Legislative Assembly of the Azores Autonomous Region (2017).

Winner, along with Rita de Sousa Costa, of the VdAcademia International Award (2016).

Law degree at University of Minho, Law School.

Currently pursuing a master’s degree in European Union Law at University of Minho, Law School.

Before joining the firm, he worked at the Azores EU office as an intern. Furthermore, he advised the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions regarding the General Data Protection Regulation.

Previously, he was a summer trainee in VdA’s Intellectual Property department.

Author of various articles namely:

  • “Robotics and AI in the European Union: Opportunities and Challenges”, in UNIO – EU Law Journal, (4,2), July 2018
  • “Democracia, legitimidade e competência legislativa na União Europeia”, in UNIO/CONPEDI E-book 2017 Interconstitucionalidade: Democracia e Cidadania de Direitos na Sociedade Mundial – Atualização e Perspectivas, Braga, CEDU, 2018
  • "The 15th Anniversary of the Portuguese Drug Policy: Its History, its Success and its Future”, in Drug Science, Policy and Law (3), January 2017
  • “Testemunhas de Jeová e a Liberdade Religiosa no séc. XXI: Uma Análise com base no Acórdão Palau-Martinez vs. France”, in e-Pública – Revista Eletrónica de Direito Público., (4,2), November de 2017
  • "Estudos sobre a organização administrativa das Regiões Autónomas – Primeiro: (Estudo sobre) Administração Pública dos Açores", in Estudos em Homenagem ao Professor Doutor Cândido de Oliveira, Coimbra, Almedina, 2017, along with Isabel Celeste M. Fonseca et. al.
  • “The European Union’s Existential Crisis: Current Challenges from Populism to Donald Trump”, in UNIO – EU Law Journal (4,1), January 2018, along with Rita de Sousa Costa

Admitted to the Portuguese Bar Association.


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