Ana Marta Castro (Partner) on 6 January, participated as a speaker in the Conference organised by the Observatório das Autarquias Locais ("OAL") about the recent changes to the Special Measures for Public Procurement and the Public Contracts Code, approved by Decree-Law no. 78/2022, of 7 November, which entered into force last 2 December, and which brought together several experts on the matter.

Ana Marta Castro made a presentation dedicated to the topic of Public Procurement and Local Preference, having discussed the innovations introduced in several national diplomas in this regard, such as Law no. 34/2019, which defines the criteria for the selection and acquisition of food products, promoting the sustainable consumption of local production in public canteens and refectories, the Climate Framework Law (Law no. 98/2021, of 31 December) and, in greater depth, the Public Procurement Code itself.