‘Digital Union’ holds another event focused on the Digital Consumer – New Rules

Although consumers were already increasingly turning to online shopping, the COVID-19 pandemic and its successive lockdowns exponentially accelerated this trend. The ‘new’ consumer wants to shop online and enjoy a truly digital experience, presenting companies with new challenges. On the other hand, the range of products accessed by consumers incorporate a growing number of digital elements.

But how can we ensure that the online purchase of goods and digital content is processed as effectively as possible?

With a view to facilitating and improving the security of cross-border online sales and purchases of goods and digital content, in April 2019 Brussels approved a new legislative package – the Sale of Goods Directive and the Digital Content and Services Directive – which must be applied in all EU Member States from 1 January 2022. Portugal is among the countries to have already transposed the new rules into national law, through Decree-Law no. 84/2021, of 18 October, which regulates consumer rights in the sale and purchase of goods and in the provision of digital content and services.

What are the main new features of this legislation? How will consumer rights be reinforced? What is foreseen with respect to the provision of digital content and services? What is the impact of this package on companies? How will e-commerce evolve under the new legal provisions?

The 3rd session of the ‘Digital Union’ series, a VdA partnership with APDC aimed at analysing the main issues surrounding the digital, will seek to answer all these questions and discuss perspectives on the topic.

Find out more about the new legislative package and the rules governing the purchase of goods and digital content and services from next year.


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The Webinar will be held online in Portuguese.

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