‘Digital Union’ organises a new event about Digital Sovereignty & Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a critical element of the European strategy to achieve the goals of the Digital Europe Programme. The ambition is great, in the sense of guaranteeing European digital sovereignty in a context where hackers are becoming increasingly active and sophisticated on a global scale, as was proven during the pandemic. The new EU Cybersecurity Strategy, presented at the end of 2020, focuses on building collective response capabilities to promote stability in cyberspace, thus ensuring a more effective joint response to cybercrime.

What are the major changes of the revision of the Directive on Security of Networks and Information Systems (NIS Directive) presented at the end of last year in order to achieve a high shared level of cybersecurity in the EU? What will be the main impacts on organisations? How are the powers of ENISA, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, being strengthened through the Cybersecurity Act? Is the implementation of a Europe-wide certification framework for ICT products and services underway? How will funds for online security be applied to the public sector, businesses and citizens? When and how will the new Cybersecurity Competence Centre and Network, which involves more than 170 partners and aims to develop a common agenda for technology development, be launched? And what about the Joint Cybersecurity Unit, considered an important step towards completing the European framework in this field?

With a view to analysing the current situation and outlining perspectives, not only in European terms, but also impacts at the national level, APDC and VdA will hold a new event on Digital Sovereignty & Cybersecurity within the scope of their ‘Digital Union’ partnership. See the projects being developed by the National Cybersecurity Centre (CNCS) and the rules in force in the Portuguese market, within the scope of the National Cyberspace Security Strategy announced in 2019.


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The Webinar will be held in Portuguese.

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