The Digital Services Act (DSA), approved by the European Council on 4 October 2022, comprises the new legal package for the digital domain together with the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which is aimed at establishing and harmonising a safe digital space for citizens and companies.

Under the principle of “What is ilegal offline, should be illegal online”, the DSA sets clear responsibilities for service providers, according to their nature and the services rendered, including with respect to consumer rights, the dissemination of illegal products, hate speech and misinformation, also imposing transparency obligations.

The fifth session of the Digital Union conference series will focus on the main innovations brought by the DSA and its potential impacts on the digital ecosystem.

// About the Digital Union:

This initiative stems from a partnership between VdA and APDC. “Union” because it aims to unite APDC’s digital business know-how with VdA’s mastery and understanding of legal complexities, bringing together current topics in this field in a conference series aimed at raising awareness about European digital policies. “Union” also calls for a business union between companies that, despite being competitors, are jointly committed to being part of a leading Digital Europe, which is also a shared purpose of both VdA and APDC.