Pedro Cassiano Santos speaker

Pedro Cassiano Santos was guest speaker at Banco Best 3rd Seminars on Banking Law which took place in Maputo on the 11 July 2013.

These seminars aimed at discussing several issues regarding the Mozambican banking scenario. VdA's partner in charge of the Banking & Finance practice focused on 'the financing tools for the banking activity' with a special focus on the possibilities of using the capital markets as a means to allow Mozambican banks to broaden their financing sources, thus enabling them to keep up with the Mozambican economy's development. The debate was moderated by the Director of the Mozambican Stock Exchange.

Among the speakers were BCI's CEO, a representative from the Supreme Judicial Council of Mozambique, the Counseling Judge at the Supreme Administrative Court of Mozambique and representatives from BCI's legal department.

The seminars were attended by representatives from the Mozambican banking sector, the market regulators and the stock exchange as well as by several lawyers from the Mozambican Bar.