Tiago Bessa (associé), Catarina Mascarenhas (collaboratrice coordinatrice) et Inês Pires Santos (stagiaire) rédigent un article publié dans la newsletter "Practical know-how" de Lexology intitulé "New Rules in Portugal for Removing and Preventing Access to Copyrighted Content in the Digital Environment".

“On the 29th of January 2022, a brand new and unique set of rules applying specifically to players in the national online content market entered into force in Portugal. Law no. 82/2021, 30 of November 2021 (“Law no. 82/2021”), which is not a typical transposition of EU legislation into Portuguese law, establishes new rules and procedures for monitoring, controlling, removing and preventing access to content protected by copyright and related rights in the digital environment, and creates new obligations for intermediary networking service providers.”

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