José Miguel Oliveira published an opinion article in Jornal Económico entitled "Angola: Investing in large infrastructures to boost economic diversification".

In this article, José Miguel Oliveira compares the Angolan economic context with the "Dutch paradox" of 1977. "Like the Netherlands, Angola's excessive dependence on its oil revenues was a brake on the development of the primary and secondary sectors, which had been running deficits for decades in relation to the country's needs, making Angola highly dependent on imports."

But, as he points out, "it's not enough to emphasise something in order for things to happen, nor is it enough to change a decades-old paradigm overnight". As such, according to the VdA lawyer, it is necessary to carry out structural reforms in Angola, to ensure macroeconomic stability, budgetary and public debt sustainability, and to encourage the attraction of private investment. 

In this context, José Miguel Oliveira recalls the Doing Business Angola event, held on 18 June, at which the Sustainable Investment Facilitation Agreement between the Republic of Angola and the European Union was approvedv which, he emphasised, "sends a clear message of the importance that Angola has for the sustainability and growth of the EU".

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