Assunção Cristas participates in the Forum "The Future of Water", which takes place on February 22nd at the Champalimaud Foundation.

This conference aims to debate the problems associated with water supply and scarcity, bringing together national and international experts to share examples of good practice, public policies, prices, consumption management and the socio-economic consequences of water shortage.

Assunção Cristas will participate in the panel "Where are we heading? How are we going to reuse water?". This is one of the six discussion panels at the event, which has a total of 16 speakers.

The conference programme also includes the following panels: "The present and future of water in Portugal"; "Where we need water. The scarcity of water: international and national vision"; "Where are we going to invest"; "Good practices at national level: Industry, Agriculture, Tourism and Cities"; "Should the price of water go up'", ending with a panel of conclusions by the former Minister of Defence, Paulo Portas.

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