VdA Academy organizes the 5th Encounter of Corporative Academies

The 5th Encounter of Corporative Academies takes place on the 26th November in VdA’s auditorium in Lisbon about the topic “Formation + Evaluation = Knowledge retention? – Evidences in the theory of the learning curve and new formation models”.

In partnership with the CLOO Behavioral Insights Unit, the Colégio Doutoral Mente-Cérebro and the Oporto Business School of the Oporto University, during the afternoon, Diana Orghian (CLOO) will talk about “Learn to retain: which difficulties are good for the learning process?”, the perspective of Cognitive Sciences to learning and knowledge transfer in familiar contexts to unexpected and new contexts; and Paula Marques will approach “How does the Human Being learn”.

Also counting with the participation of Susana Almeida Lopes on “Neuroscience applicated to Organizations” and Pedro Cunha on the “Gulbenkian Knowledge Program”, and with the moderation of Mafalda Anjos, journalist and director of the Visão Journal, in a debate panel. You can read the article published by Visão here.

During the event, from VdA, Vasco Vieira de Almeida will hand the award to the winning team of the 1st edition of the Case Challenge, Margarida Couto and Rodrigo Esteves de Oliveira, that will do the welcoming, and Sandra Pedro Serrano that will close the encounter.