Fernando Resina da Silva, VdA partner, will be participating in the “Safe Internet 2019” session organised by Microsoft Portugal and scheduled to be held on 27 February (at 14:30) at EDP’s headquarters in Lisbon.

This event is organised in the context of a joint campaign of Microsoft and the Portuguese National Republican Guard (GNR), initially targeted at schools and implemented following Portugal’s classification as the European country with the 3rd highest rate of cybercrime.

Awareness-raising about this relevant topic is now being extended to the business community, while not forgetting young people, which is why Microsoft Portugal is inviting parents and their children to share ideas and experiences in this debate on best practices in internet usage.

Fernando Resina da Silva was invited by his daughter, Beatriz, to participate on the discussion panel, which will reflect on the challenges and approaches of the Internet from a “do as I say, not as I do” perspective.

You can sign up here.