The Ana Maria Vieira de Almeida Prize, established by the Vasco Vieira de Almeida Foundation, is supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and aims to celebrate the memory of Ana Maria Vieira de Almeida. The Award is aimed at revealing new values and scientific research into innovative models in the field of early childhood, pre-primary and primary education, and is organised on a biennial basis.

The prizes, worth €20,000 each, were awarded by the members of the jury - Vasco Vieira de Almeida, Guilherme D'Oliveira Martins, Isabel Alçada, Ana Maria Bettencourt and Maria Emília Brederode Santos, at a ceremony held on 3 October at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. 

In the first edition of the Prize, 24 works were received and the winning entries were chosen by the Jury ex aequo: 

  • Risking change. The challenges of multi-level models in the teaching of reading and writing, by Fernanda Leopoldina Parente Viana, Maria Iolanda Ribeiro, Irene Maria Dias Cadime, Sandra Cristina Silva Santos, Bruna Regina Silva Rodrigues, Helena Isabel Araújo da Costa, Maria do Céu Marques Cosme, Rui Manuel Nascimento Lima Ramos, Celda Maria Gonçalves Morgado; 
  •  The child, the city and heritage in early childhood education: cultural identity, belonging and participation, by Jeane Costa Amaral.

The jury also awarded three papers with Honourable Mentions:

  • Developing and evaluating pedagogical digital manipulatives for preschool: The case of TOK - Touch, Organize, Create, by Cristina Maria dos Santos Moreira da Silva Sylla; 
  •  Contribution of WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams to the development of critical thinking in fourth grade students: a case study, by Mónica Alexandra Sá e Silva and;

  • Children's right to participate in early childhood education: From rights to empirical evidence, by Nadine Elisabete Fernandes Gomes Correia, Fausto José Robalo Amaro and Cecília do Rosário Mota Aguiar.