Number 2 of the magazine ‘Direito em Revista’, sponsored by VdA, presents the new VdA project, the VdAcademia, a structure that is committed, among other aspects, to the definition and implementation of the training plan in legal, behavioural and management skills for VdA lawyers.

In this issue, Rodrigo Esteves de Oliveira, partner responsible for the VdAcademia and lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra, has an article on the subject of ‘Law Faculties and the Professional World: Times of Change’.

Also in this issue, Paulo Olavo Cunha, Of-counsel at VdA and lecturer in the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University also writes on "Cheque and cheque agreement – on the preponderance of currency underwriting in the contractual relationship between banker and customer".

"Direito em Revista" is the name of a publishing project that aims to bridge a gap in communication between Academia and what could be called “legal society”. The contents of the journal reflect a careful selection of a broad range of components, its scientific component represented by summaries of recognised work and of articles of opinion on changes in legislation, with space for interviews and editorials.

Contents available only in Portuguese.