VdA is nominated for the second edition of the "Iberian Lawyer IP & TMT Awards 2022", with 17 firm nominations and 32 individual nominations.

The firm is shortlisted in the categories of "Law Firm of the Year", "Law Firm of the Year - IP", "Law Firm of the Year - Trademarks and Patents", "Law Firm of the Year - Design", "Law Firm of the Year - Life Sciences", "Law Firm of the Year - Litigation", "Law Firm of the Year - Criminal IP", "Law Firm of the Year - Food & Beverage", "Law Firm of the Year - Sport", "Law Firm of the Year - Fashion", "Law Firm of the Year - Digital Tech", "Law Firm of the Year - TMT", "Law Firm of the Year - Information Technology", "Law Firm of the Year - Media", "Law Firm of the Year - Telecommunications", "Law Firm of the Year - Privacy", "Law Firm of the Year - E-Sport".

In the individual categories, VdA has the distinctions "Lawyer of the Year" by António Magalhães Cardoso and Magda Cocco; "Lawyer of the Year - IP" by António de Magalhães Cardoso and Marta Alves Vieira; "Lawyer of the Year - Trademarks and Patents" by Marta Alves Vieira; António de Magalhães Cardoso, Magda Cocco and Marta Alves Vieira as "Lawyer of the Year - Life Sciences"; António de Magalhães Cardoso, Marta Alves Vieira and Sara Nazaré as "Lawyer of the Year - Litigation"; Joana Reis Barata as "Lawyer of the Year - Criminal IP"; Marta Alves Vieira and Ana Falcão Afonso as "Lawyer of the Year - Food & Beverage"; João Carlos Assunção as "Lawyer of the Year - Sport"; Tiago de Oliveira as "Lawyer of the Year - Fashion"; Marta Alves Vieira as "Lawyer of the Year - Digital Tech"; Magda Cocco and Fernando Resina da Silva as "Lawyer of the Year - TMT" and "Lawyer of the Year - Information Techhnology"; Magda Cocco and Catarina Matias Mascarenhas as "Lawyer of the Year - Media"; Magda Cocco, Tiago Bessa and Isabel Ornelas as "Lawyer of the Year - Telecommunications"; Magda Cocco and Inês Antas de Barros as "Lawyer of the Year - Privacy"; and Tiago Bessa, David Paula and Iakovina Kindylidi as "Lawyer of the Year - E-Sport".

Promoted by Iberian Lawyer, these awards aim to highlight excellence in the legal market in the areas of intellectual property protection, telecommunications and the media.

The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony to be held on 6 July in Lisbon.

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