The Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) in partnership with APDC - Digital Business Community, organise the "Digital with Purpose" (DWP) Global Summit.

The Summit is a flagship event for digital leaders that brings together decision makers from the public and private sectors to accelerate the use and uptake of digital innovations that benefit society and achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Paula Gomes Freire (Managing Partner), Margarida Couto, Magda Cocco (Partners) and Assunção Cristas (Of Counsel) participate in this summit with participations in different panels.

Paula Gomes Freire will participate in the round table discussion "CEOs in the Hot Seat". In this panel they will explore how "Digital with Purpose" can be used to face several challenges as well as explore new business opportunities.

Margarida Couto participates in the round table where the theme "Sustainable Finance" is debated. Several personalities will debate how the market for green financial products is growing, and whether ESG risk analysis, both in lending and stock selection, as well as green and social bonds, are in demand and becoming more widespread.

Magda Cocco participates as Moderator in the roundtable panel "Digital Trust: How can we navigate Digital Privacy Responsibly", where issues related to privacy and data protection will be addressed.

Assunção Cristas participates as a speaker at the round table "SMEs with Purpose: The next Generation of Companies and Solution Providers" where this topic will be explored, discussing the associated issues.

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