The publication "MiCA - Estudos sobre a Nova Regulação Europeia de Criptoativos" ("MiCA - Studies on the New European Regulation of Crypto-assets"), published in November by Almedina, has the contribution of VdA lawyers Tiago Correia Moreira, Iakovina Kindylidi, José Miguel Carracho, Chen Chen and João Ramalho Dias.

In a detailed and structured analysis of EU Regulation 2023/1114 on the crypto-assets sector (MiCA), the publication seeks to address the sector's main challenges, while analysing the opportunities that arise from it. 

Tiago Correia Moreira and Chen Chen are the authors of the article "White Paper on ARTs", while Iakovina Kindylidi signs the chapter "Implications of MiCAR for the Portuguese Law: Protection of the non-professional investor-consumer" and, finally, José Miguel Carracho and João Ramalho Dias co-write the chapter "MiCA's SCOPE: Exclusion of Crypto-Assets qualified as Financial Instruments under the Existing EU Legal Framework".

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