An innovative study coordinated by SHL, in collaboration with the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG) and VdA's labour practice area, reveals the skills most valued by Portuguese employers, both now and in the future.

Entitled "Competences for the Future of Work in Portugal", the study highlights that the ability to work with people, deal with pressure and setbacks, and adapt to change are three crucial competences highlighted. These skills are seen as fundamental to facing current challenges and preparing for the dynamics of the labour market in the future.

The study emphasises the importance of organisations paying attention to core competencies, aligning themselves with the vision of a future of work in constant transformation.

Américo Oliveira Fragoso, quoted in the article, emphasised the relevance of the study, but warned of the challenges that the current Portuguese political scenario could pose. He emphasised that organisations cannot ignore the political and economic context in which they operate, and that the political crisis can have an impact on the process of training people.

"Organisations are no strangers to the political and economic context in which they operate, so the existence of a crisis can, among other things, potentially affect the process of empowering people."

Read the article about the study here.