Book by VdA's lawyers on stalls today

The book Privatisation and Reprivatisation, Comments on the Framework Law on Privatisations, written by Vieira de Almeida & Associados (VdA)'s lawyers is on stalls today, published by Almedina.

The book approaches the substantial amendments recently applied to Law nr 11/90 - the framework law on privatisations - and gathers a multidisciplinary work which was coordinated by VdA's partner, Mário Esteves de Oliveira, under the auspices of VdAcademia, VdA's association dedicated to fostering knowledge development and research. VdA's partners José Pedro Fazenda Martins, Manuel Protásio, Nuno Ruiz, Paulo Olavo Cunha, Paulo Pinheiro, Pedro Cassiano Santos and Rodrigo Esteves de Oliveira are the book's co-authors.