“Challenges to Social Resolutions”

The Almedina editor publishes the book “Challenges to Social Resolutions”, written by Paulo Olavo Cunha, Corporate & Governance practice partner.

The partner refers in the preface “"Unlike what I did in previous projects for academic examinations - which I kept intact in subsequent publications - this time, in addition to normal formal rectifications such as those contained in the errata delivered with the report, I introduced light developments in some parts of the "Contents" (which correspond to lessons about Objection of Social Decisions) contained in this report. I did it because I considered useful to share with the reader additional reflections to the report in contest. Although minor variations in its context, they appear to enrich this publication, because they cover technical and legal aspects of a practical nature, broadly justifying the sacrifice of the integrity of the original text. Despite the academic purpose that was behind the preparation and drafting of these pages that follow, I hope that they match the expectations of all of those who usually follow my writings, favouring me with their interest, leaving me, as usual, available for further suggestions that may enrich future editions. "

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