António de Magalhães Cardoso (Senior Partner) is quoted in an article in the newspaper Jornal de Negócios on the subject "Lifting" patents is legal, but the costs are high",  which arises in the context of the debate that has gained momentum following the lack of vaccines against covid-19 and the disregard for any patent rights in force in Portugal.

The Senior Partner considers an hypothesis that could pass through the "State dispossessing the patent holder of his rights, through expropriation by public utility, when the use of the invention is required by public entities. In this case the holder of the patent would lose it in favour of the State, ceasing to benefit from any exclusivity on national territory. However, the State will always have to compensate the patent holder, either by compensating him, respectively, for the value of the expropriated patent or by paying him a royalty, under market conditions, for the compulsory license".

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