Francisco Cabral Matos, Inês Antas de BarrosMaria Cunha Matos and Pedro Corrêa de Oliveira will become VdA’s Partners in January 2022. These nominations reflect the firm's efforts to expand its expertise in core areas and develop new and valuable skills in key economic sectors.

Francisco Cabral Matos joined VdA’s Tax practice area in 2007, and has worked on several transactions, including corporate restructuring, international tax planning, tax litigation, as well as EU Tax Law related matters. He has also provided legal and tax advice on private wealth management transactions, asset restructuring and estate planning.

Inês Antas de Barros joined VdA’s Information, Communication & Technology practice area in 2007. She has focused her practice in the area of personal data privacy and protection, having worked on compliance audits to companies' databases in various sectors (pharmaceutical, health, insurance, telecommunications and banking sectors), on the definition of compliance strategies and the creation of privacy policies, on the implementation of whistleblowing and data breach procedures, and on providing legal advice on national and international transactions involving the transfer of personal data.

Maria Cunha Matos joined VdA in 2017, having worked on several transactions focusing on mergers and acquisitions and cross-sector joint ventures (financial, mining, industrial, agricultural, food, real estate and retail, among others), as well as international capital markets transactions.

Pedro Corrêa de Oliveira joined VdA in 2016. He has extensive experience in real estate transactions, including the acquisition, sale and leasing of real estate assets, overall follow-up of real estate projects and follow-up of urban, tourist and commercial licensing processes.