Dispute Resolution area of practice is ranked in the top 21 European firms, including the UK

Vieira de Almeida & Associados (VdA) is ranked amongst the 21 most innovative firms in Continental Europe, according to the Financial Times. VdA is on the 9th position counting 93 points, alongside only two other Portuguese firms.

As regards the European ranking, including the UK, VdA's dispute resolution area of practice is also ranked amongst the first 21 firms. This is the first time VdA applied to the FT Innovative Lawyers awards and, among 105 applications, it went directly to the top 21 list. The FT Innovative Lawyers awards acknowledge law firms' innovative capacity and boldness.

"Though the crisis in the eurozone has cast doubts over the fiscal competence of some governments, it has allowed many lawyers in continental Europe to show their mettle," says the Financial Times' article ‘Competitive Advantage' in the newspaper's 6th October edition.