Online articles for Sapo 24

Fernando Resina da Silva, Telecoms, Media & IT’s practice partner, writes the “Entrepreneurs, turn the Law into an allied” article, where he shares “three legal concerns associated to Entrepreneurship and Innovation that should be evaluated” where for the next few days “new products, services and ideas will be presented.”

Tiago Correia Moreira, Banking & Finance practice managing associate, and Helena Correia Mendonça, Telecoms, Media & IT’s practice consultant, write the article entitled “Lisbon welcomes the FinTech” where the lawyers explain and develop the topic of FinTech stating that “they are a display of a new technologic economy, shared and integrated, in which the entrepreneurs and the information and communication technology sector businesses play a key role”.

Helena Vaz Pinto, M&A, Corporate Finance practice partner, signs the article entitled “Venture Capital: will we have the same “game rules”?”. In it she explains the venture capital industry and states that it has “a particular dynamic and specifications that aparts it from business traditional investment concepts”.

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